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As one of Pune's leading interior design firms, we believe in un-compromised quality every step of the way. From uplifting and inspiring designs to outstanding finishing and detailing, we believe that for our customers, only the best is good enough.

Eclectic Bohemain

Panchshil Towers, Pune
1,600 sq ft

First impressions matter, and we think it's fair to judge a home by it’s foyer. Hence, we did not compromise on the aesthetics here setting the tone for what's ahead, designed in a way that really showcases the style and mood of the whole house. Set in beige neutral tones, the round mirror creates drama whereas the houndstooth printed ottoman makes a statement as one enters the main door. As one steps in one knows they are entering into sheer elegance. The living room area speaks an eclectic language with the earthiness of a bohemian feel punctuated by the rattan furniture, creating relaxed and interesting patterns, textures and colors. Each piece tells a story and has a personal meaning. The colors are happy and cozy where the living room's playful pink blushes at the earthy. Media Room is styled just right for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries. The wall posters did all the job here, these are our client's personal collection and explain how much this room matters to them.

Neutral Chic

Panchshil Towers, Pune
2,400 sq ft

Neutral tones have a timeless quality that transcends trends and fads. They provide a solid foundation for space and create a harmonious backdrop for various design styles making them a elegant and enduring space. In our Project titled Neutral Chic, we have used neutral tones to achieve balance within a space and at the same time make it look versatile. The color palette revolves around soft shades of grey and beige that transcend into nude and taupe providing a backdrop that exudes calmness and tranquility. The chic factor comes from rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and linen that grace the upholstery while natural elements like marble, wood, and metallic accents lend a touch of sophistication.

Plush Blush

Panchshil Towers, Pune
2,400 sq ft

Our project 'Plush Blush' is a swift apartment in Panchshil Towers. It revolves around creating a space that indulges the senses and envelopes you in a soothing palette of blush tones and sumptuous textures. The palette of Plush Blush revolves around muted pinks, subtle mauves, and gentle blush tones. Accents of gold and metal, a wall adorned with delicate wallpapers, plush rugs, and a delicate chandelier provide a hint of glamour elevating the overall aesthetic.

The allure of "Plush Blush" is such that it redefines opulence through the subtle beauty of blush tones and the sumptuousness of plush textures. This is more than a design project; it's an embodiment of refined taste, a celebration of comfort, and a journey into the exquisite realm of timeless elegance. Plush Blush is where luxury knows no bounds, and every corner whispers the promise of serenity and sophistication.

Our project 'Marvel Piazza' is a 2550 sq.ft apartment in Vimannagar. This project is based on the idea of 'piazza' to create a spacious area within home so as to create a sense of openness and connectivity. It features an expansive open floor plan with minimal obstructions and barriers, allowing for seamless flow and movement throughout the space.

Wide symmetrical lines adorned with gold accents is a running theme throughout our project.Chesterfield sofa set adorned with gold accents and dining area featuring beautiful mirror panelled wall adds a touch of classical design to the space. The various elements blend with each other to provide sophistication and elegance to the place.

Modern Vintage

Panchshil Towers, Pune
2,400 sq ft

Our project ' Modern Vintage' is a 2400 sq.ft apartment in Panchshil Towers. Blending the best of both worlds: the sleek and clean lines of modern design and the timeless charm of vintage elements. In our project, contemporary design elements blend effortlessly with careful curated vintage pieces.

The color palette features neutral tones as backdrop, allowing the vintage elements to shine. Soft grays, creamy whites and warm wishes provide a versatile canvas for statement furniture and accents. Bold artwork, polished furniture, mid-century inspired dining table, clean lines and minimalist fixtures strike a balance between modern simplicity and vintage charm.

Spring Blossom

Panchshil Towers, Pune
2,400 sq ft

The design concept revolves around clean lines, sleek surfaces and a neutral color palette with a subtle pop of vibrant hues, creating a calm and inviting atmospherem. To add a touch of warmth and texture, we incorporated natural wood flooring, textured wallpapers and some vintage dining pieces.

A stylist sofa in dark grey hue sits in contrast with mustard yellow geometric abstract wall artwork in the living room. From earthy warm tones of brown and orange to subtle and 'easy on on your eyes' tones of pink and blue, are all used in the bedrooms to make it more suited to our clients desires. Our project is a seamless blend of form and function adorned with unique wallpapers

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