Leading with creative vision

As industry leaders, our aim is to build one of the best interior design firms in Pune bringing international aesthetic, impeccable attention to detail and unmatched customer service to our elite clientele.

Ar. Dhanshree Kharat

Dhanshree Kharat

Dhanshree Kharat, a qualified architect and accomplished artist, is the visionary founder of "Duende Designs,". Her fusion of architectural expertise and artistic creativity go beyond aesthetics, weaving emotion and functionality seamlessly while telling stories through textures, colors, and forms.

Her holistic leadership style nurtures collaboration, resulting in exceptional designs that resonate with individuality. Dhanshree's journey inspires architects and artists to push boundaries, proving that innovation blooms at the crossroads of disciplines.


Co Founder

Shreyansh Bangar, a software engineer by profession brings a unique blend of tech savvy approach to the artistic dimension of "Duende Designs." With his proficiency in coding and systems thinking he orchestrates the company's operations and backend with finesse.

Collaborating closely with Dhanshree Kharat, he translates design visions into functional reality, shaping the company's digital presence and operational backbone. Shreyansh's role underscores the vital synergy between technology and design.

Designing Dreams, Building Realities

Welcome to Duende Designs where exceptional designs meet impeccable execution. As one of the leading interior design firms based in Pune, we provide comprehensive range of services ranging from Design Consultancy, Turnkey, Interior Execution to Space Styling.

We are passionate about transforming spaces into stunning, functional and personalized environments. We specialize in creating exceptional interior designs that reflect our clients’ unique style and meet their specific needs.

Our design team comprises a group of enthusiastic, talented individuals each with their own select skill set and perspective. This diversity promotes a highly creative studio environment, generating the very best in design solutions for our clients.

We believe we are the conduit of our clients’ own vision and each design is individually tailored to deliver creative, beautiful solutions for the way they want to live.


At Duende Designs we practise the fine art of listening and applying a keen sense of intuition to gain a deeper, richer understanding of the clients’ needs, wants and lifestyle wishes.

Our mission is to create thoughtful and liveable spaces to truly bring the design vision to life. We believe in the adage ‘every detail matter’ and let it guide us through every project we take up. We believe in the power of thoughtful designs, impeccable craftsmanship and the seamless integration and aesthetics and functionality.

Whether it’s a residential sanctuary, or a commercial space we are driven by our mission to create captivating interiors that evoke emotions, elevate experiences and leaves a lasting impression.


At Duende Designs our vision is to be renowned for our ability to transform spaces, elevate experiences and inspire lifestyle through our visionary designs. Driven by our passion for design, we constantly seek to push boundaries and challenge conventions, embracing emerging trends and sustainable practices. Our visionary approach blends artistry, functionality and cutting-edge technique to create captivating and timeless designs that stand the test of time.

We envision a collaborative design process, where our talented team of designers, architects and artisans work closely with our clients and listen attentively to their desire, dreams and unique stories. Our vision propels us forward guiding our endeavour as we shape spaces, elevate experiences and create designs that leave an indelible mark on the world of interior design.

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