Our Design Process

The procedure we follow is systematic and thorough and is conceived so as to help solidify a unified vision for the project while always keeping you and your needs at the center of every design.



Our initial consultation is the first step towards transforming your space into a reflection of your dreams. We value your input and ideas, making this meeting an essential platform for understanding your vision, preferences, and practical needs. Our designers actively listen and communicate openly, ensuring we capture every detail.

During this consultation, we delve into your lifestyle, aesthetics, and functionality requirements, establishing a clear project scope. We share our design approach and portfolio, aligning our strategies with your expectations. Building a strong rapport is key, setting the stage for a collaborative journey that leads to a tailored and innovative design solution.

After initial consultation, we provide a detailed fees quotation tailored to your project's scope and requirements. Our pricing reflects our dedication to delivering quality and value. No surprises, just a clear breakdown of costs, so you can make informed decisions confidently. Your dream space is within reach with our straightforward fees quotation process.



Our expertise shines in layout planning. We present you with multiple innovative layout options that optimize your space for functionality and aesthetics. Each layout is thoughtfully crafted to suit your lifestyle and preferences, ensuring your space truly reflects you. With our design insights and your input, we create layouts that inspire and captivate, bringing your vision to life seamlessly.

The design presentation is a moment of excitement and inspiration. We present you with multiple design options for each area, meticulously tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Our design presentations are a harmonious blend of your vision and our expertise, ensuring that every detail resonates with your preferences. Let us guide you through an unveiling of possibilities, transforming your space into a reflection of your unique style.

Once the design style and layout are finalized, we take your vision to the next level with 3D views. Our team crafts detailed 3D visualizations that offer a realistic preview of your entire project. This step allows you to immerse yourself in your future space, making informed decisions and fine-tuning details before implementation. Watch your dream come to life as our 3D views bring clarity and excitement to every aspect of your project.

Material selections is an art form. We curate a palette of materials that harmonize with your design, lifestyle, and functionality. From exquisite finishes to durable surfaces, our expert guidance ensures a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality. With our vast selection of materials, you'll discover the perfect elements to elevate your space, resulting in an environment that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Precision is paramount in the construction phase, and at Duende Designs, we excel in creating meticulous construction documents. Our detailed plans and specifications provide contractors with the essential information they need to execute the project flawlessly. From dimensions to material specifications, our comprehensive documents streamline the construction process, ensuring every element is brought to life with accuracy and excellence.

Navigating the financial aspect of your project is made transparent and manageable with our detailed costing services. We provide a clear breakdown of expenses, ensuring you understand every investment involved. Our team collaborates closely with you to align the project's scope with your budget, ensuring a seamless balance between your vision and financial goals. You can confidently embark on your project, knowing you have a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved



Once the site execution commences, Duende Designs maintains a vigilant presence through periodic construction reviews. Our experts visit the site regularly to ensure that every detail aligns with the design intent and construction documents. This hands-on approach guarantees the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, translating your vision seamlessly into reality. Our commitment to excellence extends throughout every phase, resulting in a space that exceeds your expectations.

Elevate your space with our specialized furniture selection and manufacturing services. We meticulously curate furniture pieces that align with your design aesthetic and functional needs. From concept to creation, we oversee the manufacturing process to ensure each piece is crafted with precision and quality. The result is a harmonious blend of comfort and style, where every furniture element contributes to the overall elegance and functionality of your interior.

At Duende Designs, quality control is at the core of our process. We leave no detail unchecked, ensuring that every aspect of your project meets the highest standards. From materials to craftsmanship, our dedicated team meticulously inspects every element. This commitment to excellence guarantees that your space not only meets but surpasses your expectations, resulting in an interior that exudes refinement and sophistication.

The final touch that brings your interior to life is our expert decor and styling service. We curate and place decor elements that complement your design, adding personality and character to your space. Whether it's selecting the perfect artwork, arranging furniture, or adding textiles, our attention to detail ensures a cohesive and captivating final result. With Duende Designs, every element is thoughtfully chosen, contributing to the overall beauty and ambiance of your newly transformed space.

Our commitment doesn't end with project completion. We offer a dedicated post-completion service to address any queries or adjustments that may arise. We value your long-term satisfaction, and our team is here to provide ongoing support and solutions. Whether it's maintenance advice or refinements, we ensure that your space continues to shine and evolve in alignment with your lifestyle. With our post-completion service, you can enjoy your impeccably designed interior for years to come.

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