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Our Commitment to Unrivaled Quality Guides Every Endeavor. Elevating Spaces with Inspirational Designs, Exquisite Finishes, and Meticulous Detailing. Our Belief: Nothing Short of the Best Suffices for Our Discerning Clients.

Eclectic Bohemain

Panchshil Towers, Pune
1,600 sq ft

Neutral Chic

Panchshil Towers, Pune
2,400 sq ft

Plush Blush

Panchshil Towers, Pune
2,400 sq ft
Best interior designer in viman nagar

Interior Design Firm

"Duende" is a Spanish term that is often used to describe a quality or essence in art. It is a complex and elusive concept that is difficult to translate directly into English. Duende is often associated with intense emotions, passion, and authenticity in artistic expression. It represents the deep emotional connection and authenticity that an artist brings to their work, creating a sense of raw power. It's a concept that is deeply rooted in Spanish and Hispanic culture and is often used to describe the profound impact and resonance of art that moves and connects with its audience on a visceral level.

With a passionate team of creative minds, we specialize in transforming spaces into personalized reflections of style and functionality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to craft interiors that resonate with each client's unique vision. Whether it's residential or commercial design, we embrace the art of blending aesthetics with practicality, creating environments that not only inspire but also enhance daily living. We believe every space has a story to tell, and we're here to turn those narratives into captivating designs that leave a lasting impression."

'Every Detail Matters'. A firm believer in the adage, the team at Duende is on a mission to add aesthetics to this world while taking care of practical details through interior design. From the initial concept to the final flourish, we orchestrate every detail meticulously, ensuring a seamless journey from vision to reality.

With a portfolio that showcases an array of diverse residential projects, from cozy abode to dynamic spaces, we've honed our skills in creating environments that resonate with different tastes and purposes. Our team's expertise spans architecture, interior design, and project management, ensuring that your space not only looks exceptional but functions seamlessly.

When delving into the realm of designing spaces, our offerings encompass a premium and seamlessly comprehensive luxury home designer service. We oversee every aspect from the initial stages of conceptual design, crafting 2D and 3D layouts, and meticulous civil space planning. The spectrum of our involvement extends to managing each stride of implementation, including astute construction decisions, curated material selections and procurement, and the precise orchestration of installations. The culminating touch lies within our adept final styling services. Our dedicated team also undertakes the arduous administrative responsibilities, expertly coordinating with vendors and precisely estimating project expenditures. Should you find yourself uncertain about where to commence, our design consultation services are primed to assist. We invest the time to fully comprehend your requirements and aspirations, crafting tailored suggestions to best aid you on your journey.

In the realm where form follows function, aesthetics intertwine with value, and luxury dances with pragmatism, we skillfully merge these dimensions in our creative endeavors. Embracing the role of luxury interior designers in Pune, we find our wellspring of inspiration in the vibrancy and dynamism that define our beloved city. Yet, our creative horizons stretch beyond local confines. As a globally attuned interior design firm, we draw influence from the artistic and cultural currents that traverse the global landscape.

However, our ultimate muse and guiding star remains steadfastly you – our cherished client. Your unique journey, preferences, and aspirations ignite the creative fires within us. Our mission centers on translating your distinctive style, tastes, and persona into a tangible reality that resonates profoundly. As architects of your vision, we are resolute in our dedication to crafting a space that encapsulates your essence and becomes an extension of your identity.

Luxurious interior deisgner in pune


‘The place we reside is like a sculptor, shaping our lives and carving out the essence of who we become’

Our design approach has always been creating places that our clients will feel they are most comfortable at. We consider this as a huge responsibility to be able to build and create spaces that are true to our client's vision.

At Duende Designs, we practice the fine art of listening and applying a keen sense of intuition to gain a deeper and richer understanding of the client’s needs, wants, and lifestyle wishes. Every project that is delivered has fine detailing and it goes through a screening process via a designer's eye. Our expertise and wide range of resources, help us transform any space whether it is residential or commercial. We collaborate with local artisans, craftspeople, and contractors to deliver the abode of your dreams in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Services

Luxurious interior designer in viman nagar

Design Consultancy

Our design consultancy services deliver a bespoke experience tailored to your unique needs and preferences. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we embark on a journey with a clear and meticulous conversation to understand your needs and wants in order to design spaces with a drizzle of aesthetics that resonate with your lifestyle. From conceptualization to realization, our comprehensive range of services includes crafting meticulous 3D renders that breathe life into your vision and drafting accurate working drawings for a seamless transition to the final execution stage.

Best interior designer in viman nagar

Turnkey Contracting

Imagine a process where you can sit back, relax, and watch your dream space come to life without lifting a finger. With our turnkey contracting services, that's precisely what you get. We give you a one-stop solution for all your home design needs, where we control and manage the entire design & and execution of the project from start to end. Many of our clients prefer this service as it creates a single point of contact for them and makes the process seamless.

Luxurious interior designer in viman nagar

Our Process

Our initial process begins with understanding your requirements and vision for your space. Discussions about design style, budget, and preferences will be conducted in the initial meeting. This initial meeting will be an opportunity for us to understand your requirements and your needs better.

After careful assessment of our client's needs and space, this next stage will involve creation of an extensive plan. This will include 3D renders, models, mood boards of the proposed plan. Based on the input from the client, we also propose the design scheme, furniture colors and design, lighting plans, material selections among many other things.

After approval from our clients, we begin the process of creating a budget for the project. We work closely with the client to establish a budget considering all the factors. We always establish all the costs necessary for the project in order to avoid any cost overruns in the future.

On the approval of the budget and the plan, we commence with the onsite execution of the plan. The construction process will be spearheaded by our project management team. We will be constantly providing updates to our clients regarding the site completion process.

Along with this, we also assist the client in the selection process. Sourcing and selection of the right furniture, material and accessories will be done at this stage. We collaborate with trusted vendors, tradespeople and contractors to provide best products to our clients. We make sure all the products are delivered and installed in a timely and efficient manner.

Once the execution is complete, we commence with assisting our client in styling the space with decorative artworks, statement pieces, and other elements to elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. We also add finishing touches to the space to make it perfect and flawless. This process is spear-headed by our design team. We make sure that the overall aesthetic and look of the space is approved by our client.

Our team makes sure after addressing all the outstanding tasks, the project is handed over to the client on time. We remain in contact with our clients post-completion of the projects, so as to resolve any impediment and any maintenance work.

Customer Says

Luxurious interior deisgner in pune


We are a Dynamic team of individuals, driven by the Pursuit of Perfection. At Duende Designs, diversity in skills defines us, with each team member adding a distinct flair. This fusion of proficiencies empowers us to deliver an unparalleled journey in design innovation, interior craftsmanship and client care.

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